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To continuously improve the functionality and usability of our site. 

Much of our code was originally written in COLDFUSION (cfml). The cfml code is good and clean, but cfml developers are hard to find so shifting to other technologies. 

Initially this project is being paid in USD not in our own Communiiity Dollars (iii$). We dont pay by the hour, we pay for tasks. Make sure you discuss and document the deliverable with the project lead before starting. 


We are  in the process of strangling it with other technologies including Ruby on Rails (RoR). Anything you see with CFML, if you have a plan or know of how we can get open source code to start the transition, please suggest it. 

Current site functinality includes:

  1. Projects & tasks: (cfml)
  2. Ideas & Innovations: (cfml)
  3. User Profiles: (cfml)
  4. Points or Community Currency: (cf)
  5. Goal setting: (cfml)
  6. Ecommerce / Shopping (RoR-SpreeCommerce)
  7. Crowdfunding (RoR - open.tilt)
  8. Dashboards for different types of users: (cfml)
  9. Custom CMS for managing site content: (cfml)
  10. Invite-a-Friend: (cfml)
  11. User surveys: (cfam)
  12. User subscriptions: (cfml)

We invite you to do apply to do tasks  of interest, give feedback on each section, and generall engage to help us improve it both functionality wise and usability wise.

Thanks in advance!




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